Patrick Skyler – Exclusive Premiere “Blow Up Da Spot” + Q&A

“The Mile High Sound Movement” is more than just a name: it is a force of nature, a phenomenon describing Denver, CO’s electronic music scene. The city is a community overflowing talent and inspiration. Take, for example, “psychedelic gangsta shit” producer Patrick Skyler. A representative of the MSHM label, the artist’s unique style distinctly embodies Colorado.

Raised in Denver, Patrick Skyler was a musician from a young age. He delved into DJ’ing early, but cites Sonic Bloom Festival as the birthplace of his professional musical aspirations. After being exposed to glitch hop at the traditional Colorado festival, the artist was moved to study music in college, thus setting the stage for a production career. Alongside artists like iLL Gates, Mr. Bill,  Jade Cicada and  Of The Trees, he names friends and colleagues from MSHM as powerful influences on his own music.

Download/Purchase Patrick Skyler’s “Blow Up Da Spot” here:

The producer’s attitude is audibly manifest in his track “Blow Up Da Spot.” The tune’s title could be an illusion to the state of Denver’s scene itself – it is poppin – but the music captures the magic even better.

“Blow Up Da Spot” is at once vibey and uncompromisingly weighty. The tune sings in gentle, pastel melodies and purrs tidal waves of bass: its bottomless depths and fractaled textures epitomize the escalating obsession with sound systems driving Denver’s partygoers and producers alike. Patrick Skyler’s background in music theory and instruments shines through the tune’s minimal composition, which puts the artist’s precision and intent on full display.

Playful, trippy tones paint an astute interpretation of the Denver production community’s ambiguous-but-also-obvious “signature sound,” and Patrick Skyler’s attention to detail encompasses the ethos that sets the city’s artists apart: “Blow Up Da Spot” gives its aspirants something to strive for.

Stream Patrick Skyler’s full release below, out now via MHSM. And take a peek inside the artist’s mind through the Q&A below…

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into music?

I’m from Denver,CO.  During elementary school, I played clarinet and guitar but pushed those aside when I started snowboarding and skateboarding. I started DJing after seeing some DMC videos and began attending underground raves during high school. Years later I heard a memkast featuring Anasia and these new tunes blew me away. This new genre of Glitch Hop was what I wanted to hear. After attending Sonic Bloom, I decided that my college pathway would emphasize music theory and learning to play instruments. This would give me the skills I would need to start producing.

What are your influences? Do you have any non-musical influences on your music?

Over the last 10 years, I’ve had many influences, but starting out the biggest influence was iLL Gates’ and his production workshops. Currently, some of my favorite producers are kLL sMTH, Mr. Bill, Jade Cicada, & Of the Trees.

Lately seeing my friends from The Mile High Sound Movement accomplishing sold-out shows like Homemade Spaceship, Lucid Vision, Mass Relay, & Project Aspect has been very inspiring.

How long did it take you to make this track?

Probably 25-30 hours total. Spent two big sessions to knock out the majority of tune and the rest was spent doing mixdowns and other edits.

What tools, instruments, software, hardware, did you use to compose this track?

I write music in Ableton Live 10. I used Operator, Serum & Omnispehere for the synths and basses.

What activity do you imagine people doing while listening to your music?

My music appeals to a wide audience who might be snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, dancing, or just hanging with friends.

Where can people find you performing live?

All around Denver. Cervantes, The Black Box, Your Moms House, etc.  I got to play a set at Burning Man this past year.  That was pretty awesome. I’m definitely trying to hit some new cities I haven’t played this year.

What is next for you after this track/album?

I’m finishing up a bunch of collaborations. Got one with The Dirty Gemstones (Kruza Kid and Brisco Jones) & one with Mass Relay- all part of The Mile High Sound Movement.  Another one with my friend’s AVRY (who is an amazing producer as well) is almost done also.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about this track, you, or your music in general?

I’m super grateful for anybody who spends their time enjoying themselves by listening to my music and/or buying a ticket to a show.  Sharing what I create is what really makes me happy. I’m focused on producing bass music that hopefully appeals to a wide group so that my audience grows. Gonna keep grinding.

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