Shulman is a psybient group from Israel made up of core members Yaniv Shulman and Omri Harpaz with many other collaborators joining in for certain tracks and shows. Dramatic and patient, the team’s ethereal soundscapes put listeners into a tranquil, thoughtful state and occasionally unite them in dance. Their sound is based in organic instruments and traditional eastern melodies but features elements of glitch and a large IDM influence, turning spacey tribal daydreams into explosive dance grooves.

They are well known for their remix work, having laid a hand to the work of Shpongle, Ott and Sub 6, and for appearances on many ambient and downtempo compilations. Their live show seems both precise and free-wheeling, a powerful mix of instrumentation and synthetic processing. Veterans of European and Middle-Eastern festivals, Shulman is long overdue for an American tour!

They have four full-length releases out on Aleph Zero Records, Soundscapes And Modern Tales (2002), In Search Of A Meaningful Moment (2004), Random Thoughts (2006), and Endless Rhythms Of The Beatless Heart from 2008. Their older work often sounds like movie soundtracks and some could be called New Age, but there are gems on each, interesting explorations of mythical lands and distant nebulae..

Here are a couple favorites:

The Unexpected Visitor

Small Grey Creatures

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