A Conversation with Darkness: Decrypting Whitebear’s “Dialectics” EP

Taking a fresh plunge into the depths of the netherworld, Whitebear’s new EP Dialectics picks up where his previous EP Liberation left off and sends us back to a shadowy realm of energy-charged rhythms, swirling psy textures and inky, full-bodied beats. A powerful marriage of meticulous sound design and bone-rattling psychedelic intensity, this four-track collection of high-charged collaborations and sinister original compositions breaks new ground into the dynamic soundscapes powering today’s rising psybass scene and leaves us thirsting for more tracks than ever before.

Whitebear rapidly establishes an ominous and kinetic overtone for Dialectics with the first track, “Pulling Teeth.” Originally released as a single, this track is among Whitebear’s most intense pieces to date, pairing chunky, psychedelic beats with unnerving tribal vocals (courtesy Eve Olution) and menacing drums to paint a hallucinatory picture of being chased by a beast through a spectral plain.

Only appearing lighter by comparison, “Permutations” trades deep blasts of psychedelic energy for a more trance-like beat with the help of psy-stomp specialist and fellow Shanti Planti artist Tribone. As the track gets moving, rolling undercurrents of smooth bass pulsations hint at what lies further beneath the surface while synthetic textures ripple overhead. Accented with ghostly vocal samples and transformed midway by a cerebral breakdown in which Tribone’s sonic influence seems to takes the reigns, “Permutations” stretches the landscape of Dialectics into new directions without sacrificing a drop of intensity.

LostInSound’s exclusive premier from Dialectics, “Pareidolia”—a collaboration with psy-glitch producer Mumukshu—transports us to a mysterious landscape where eerie psybass and thumping glitch hop dance together in an revitalizing twist on genre. Bristling with electrified textures, bouncing beats and a slick darkness that remains the constant in Whitebear’s portfolio of wildly kinetic soundscapes, this track tears listeners away from the comfort of more luminous sounds and feeds the everlasting craving for movement on the dance floor.

Lastly, “Parapraxis” delivers a slow-moving, animalistic soundspace ripe with grungy textures, deep bass hits and warped vocal loops. Coming off as a throwback to inherited sound styles, the track bridges the flavors of half-time DnB, future beats and deep psychedelic bass. It is an ideal track for those who dance on the dark side of the electronica world, and as such serves as another milepost in the shapeshifting world of genre-bending music production.

Never for lack of psychedelic potency nor the occasional pause for ephemeral breath and contemplation, Whitebear’s Dialectics EP is the sonic reminder that no matter how deep we delve into the dark mysteries of sound and movement that make up psychedelic music, there forever remains new space for exploration and focus.

Dialectics is available now through Shanti Planti on Bandcamp and Addictech. You can stream “Pareidolia” now exclusively on the official LostinSound.org Soundcloud page.

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Whitebear is also among a growing group of electronic music producers using Patreon, a pledge-based content-sharing platform for creators that gives patrons access to exclusive content in exchange for monthly pledges. A new way for individuals to directly support the artists they love and for artists to earn income from their creations each month, Patreon appears to be the art community’s answer to low royalty rates from streaming services and illegal file sharing.

Whitebear will be offering the following rewards to patrons on Patreon…

– Sample packs, that will include kicks, snares, loops, SFX, bass sounds
– Remix stems
– Presets for popular synths like Massive and Serum
– Monthly video tutorial
– Exclusive access to my EPs/Albums before they are released
– Exclusive mixes of unreleased tracks/music
– One-on-one lessons

As well as access to his entire back catalogue for those who pledge $10 or more per month until the end of June.

Sounds like a deal to us… Get on it!

Whitebear on Patreon

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