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THE MALAH are a captivating trio with a bright horizon. They have been around for a while now, however recently it feels as though they are making great strides in an already upbeat career. Band members Elliot Vaughn (bass), Brandon Maynard (guitar), and Seth Fankhauser (drums) are no rookies when it comes to making and performing music. As managers and performers of trance labels (Pure Perception Records) as well as classically trained musicians with Pink Floyd type backgrounds, these guys hold it down on all levels. And as The Malah it is no different: the auditory greatness, visual ingenuity, and epic soundscapes bring their music to other dimensions. (*for an Exclusive Interview with The Malah please scroll to the bottom!!!)

As one of the most dedicated and talented bands around they don’t take things lightly, yet they walk around with this “cool air” to them. They portray a lackadaisical, sort of anything goes, and open minded attitude that evidently shines in their playing. However, a Malah performance is not to be taken lightly. Feel floatational on your feet and let your mind wander; yet take every note as seriously as the time spent by the band perfecting its sound and structure. They all beautifully compose their organic instrumentation, but then take that jam/electronic essence and branch it off into a different realm. They use samples perfectly, and give a solid ratio of synth or “digital” to the cavemen’s woodwork (real organic earthy tools – instruments).

Catching these guys for the first time at Trinumeral 9.9.9 (which was later accompanied with a live DVD) I have been engulfed in the band ever since. Helping spread their love & light across the northeast (playing my part to give back to one of the cooler groups around), I still have yet to find somebody that hasn’t come back to me and expressed how much they enjoyed the recording. Mainly live compilations (Live From Earth is an annual release), as well as different renditions of some favorite tracks always provide for a perfect album. To make the entire Malah experience better, they record every show and you can usually catch the release on a number of sites (including this one). Their sound manager and technician, Chris “Gigga” Mohsseni, who happens to be a lifelong friend and unwritten 4th member of the band, brings this all together by way of a wireless tablet and keen sense for recording live music.

With recent changes and a promotional buzz, The Malah has produced further growth and has achieved well-deserved recognition. They have always had a solid YouTube presence (which a lot of quality sights & sounds come from, particularly the aforementioned Trinumeral Live 9.9.9). Everybody seems to want a piece of the talent, dedication, and emotion driven tunes and jams that these fellas produce. They have been playing all across the country and will bring their beats to numerous west coast and east coast festivals this summer including Re:Generation Festival (6/25 – Main Stage – 3pm) and The Big Up.

The atmospheres The Malah set are hardly boring and are quintessential to the song quality and pace. If you listen to a show from Halloween 5 years ago (Live @ Kicken Chicken ’05), one of my personal favorite sets, you can hear the progression and transgression that the band has undergone….no different than any other great band. Whether using his soft bass synth or his organic sounding 4 string, the bass really holds the sound together, and the tone is deep/low, full, and warm. I have never met such a cohesive unit that travels, lives, plays, and shares their lives together on a daily basis than these 4.

These guys know their roots and it’s a shame that their music alone can’t skyrocket them to national notoriety. They really deserve only the best and should be on everybody’s playlists. Their recent move to Denver has made us eager to get out there to catch them live & see them perform in the newly christened, Malahrado!

The Show & Interview – March 23, 2011 – Public Assembly, New York

The band is on it’s first return to NYC since Lost in Sound brought them here on Valentines Day 2010. When asked about their return Elliot let us know that, “We are very excited to be returning to Brooklyn! You guys have a really great music and arts community that is devoted to the creative experience. I really enjoy visiting places that are multi-cultural and meeting people from all over the world. You definitely get that opportunity when you visit the New York area. Hard to believe it was this time last year when we first played for you guys 🙂 We are happy to be playing in Boston for our first time as well as Philly, and returning to the energetic crowd in New Haven.”

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