Freeform Music and Art Festival 2012 Preview

It’s arrived! A festival created completely by and for the people, right here in the Northeast. Freeform Music and Arts Festival will be whatever its participants bring to it. A culmination of multidisciplinary creative energy, Freeform is for everyone. I also want to stress- tickets will not be sold at the gate, so get yours now!

Exciting, kooky, fun times will be had, with the aid of art cars, theme camps, and a mainstage. There will also be ten different art cars to drive party people around the grounds, including:

– A stretch limo converted into giant dragon

– A submarine (formerly a box truck)

– Two sister-ship school buses with dance floors

Thirty-three theme camps hailing from underground art collectives in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New Jersey, and Richmond will be providing a bunch of fun activities, sound, and lighting systems, etc. Music can play 24 hours a day at theme camps and will be from 2pm until 2am on the main stage.  Animus Art Collective is building an 18-foot wooden structure that will be burned on Saturday night, made of 40 four-foot interlocking diamonds. Checkout stuff they’ve done before at Porn & Eggs Camp and Camp 420 will “bring you a snazzy, swanky, smoking, sexy lounge….come cook yourself some eggs, day or night….bring your own plate and cup.” GoCampGo and Strawberry Jam will be combining to gift improve electric music and strawberry ices. Giraffe Garden Camp will consist mostly of tall people; I might have to stop by and say hello. Cute Girl Camp will host an Underwear Happy Hour….everything sounds perfect about that. Camp 42 will have a raging pavilion with a hookah hammock lounge, lots of sound, and décor to blow your mind. 42 will also have a Sangria Spiritual Service hosted there by The Crazytown Church of Libational Love.

Freeform will embody the best elements of Burning Man- community, acceptance, art, partying, learning, and sharing. Individuals can come together and meet like-minded new friends who they can continue to interact with after the weekend ends. If you don’t have the finances for a $300 festival ticket, $400 plane ticket to Reno, and a ton of booze, food, and survival gear for a week in the unforgiving terrain of Black Rock City, this is your alternative. This is a celebration for all those who’ve never been to Burning Man, those who have and miss it dearly, those lucky ducks going this year, and those who’ve had little interest but want to connect with other conscious, open people. Get your ticket here-


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