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Producing music independently is becoming more commonplace with each passing day.  One visit to Soundcloud will reveal thousands of hopeful electronic composers, each with their own unique style, some more gifted than others. Sorting through the vast amount of talent to find a diamond in the rough is a time consuming and difficult task. Not everyone out there has the ear to create music with enough skill and finesse to make waves.

We at Lost in Sound spend plenty of time digging through the seemingly endless supply of new music to find the producers and projects our readers should know about. We have been on the forefront of innovative electronic music, premiering unique projects that have gone on to become national sensations in their own right. Keeping with that trend, Lost in Sound plans to highlight our  musical discoveries in a new regularly featured segment, the Emerging Artist Spotlight.  


This month, Lost in Sound is spotlighting Connecticut based producer Orchestrobe, who releases his premiere EP Spectre today, January 20th. Twenty-three year old Taylor Bosse, AKA Orchestrobe,  has been making his own tunes for 7 years, since the age of 16, after a decade of playing the drums. His skill for sound design and composition is derived from a lifelong love of music, and a personal mission to move the world with his sound.

Spectre is our first taste of Orchestrobe’s multifaceted musical stylings which defies conventional genres, blending psychedelic downtempo, glitch, and neuro-bass to tickle your synapses and inspire your body to dance. The EP is an immersive, bass-heavy collection of music that will take you on a journey through fantastical dreamscapes, sculpted into reality through evocative, futuristic tones and globally-influenced melody.  The title track sends chills down your spine, conveying a certain wisdom rarely found in electronic music today.

Bosse, who spends most of his time in his Connecticut studio, only recently emerging to open for the Supersillius Life Band in Boston on January 13th, specializes in the music of weird.  Strongly inspired by the concept of synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which one sensory input is experienced by another entirely different sense (aka seeing sound or hearing colors), the music of Orchestrobe is sure to entrap you within it’s expansive, hypnotic tones.

“I want people to be confused by my music, but in a good way,” says Bosse, “I want them to hear it and think ‘Am I hearing this with my ears or my eyes or my whole body all at once?’”

Ethereal, otherworldly, expansive, quixotic, and strange all at once, “Spectre” is not one to be missed!

Orchestrobe EP art (warm touch) (2)



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