Oxóssi – Interview & Exclusive DDD Mix

I started all of this as a passion and I really do want to keep it that way. I’m not in it to make money and I’m not in it to impress anyone. My music is weird enough and the scene is small enough to reflect that, I think. I just want to connect with beautiful, like minded individuals and give something back to the bass music scene wherever I can.”

Oxóssi is one of those under the radar type cats. Lucky for us, we’re using old school out-of-commission Russian satellites to track movement on our underground bass music big screen monitors. When I discovered his remix of Jefferson Airplane’s legendary psychedelic rock tune “White Rabbit” I immediately reached out to connect with the young man. His tunes have been sprinkled throughout my mixtapes and live sets; “Kadian Dub” is an instant neck breaker on the dancefloor. Jesse’s attitude towards bass music and community, combined with his unique take on an old school sound, is heard clearly through his music. High quality sounds, balanced and spaced to create hypnotic poly-rhythms and psychotropic hallucinations. With great pride we present to you this exclusive mix and interview as installment #014 of our Deep Dub Download Series.

Oxóssi – Reflections [Dub]
Causa – Wintertales (Steppa Version) [Dub]
Oxóssi – Couch Dub [Forthcoming Silent Motion]
Laktic – Goliath Dub [Dub]
Foamplate & Oxóssi – Camel Dub [Dub]
Foamplate – Saywatt [Dub]
Elefant Doc – Benzo [Dub]
Soft Moon – Island [Dub]
Karnage & MarkIV – Ciro’s [Dub]
Oxóssi & Wulf – Tamarind Switch [Dub]
Foamplate – Oculus Rift [Dub]
El-Plate – Cult Jah [Dub]
Evo – Temp [Dub]
City1 – Untitled Bass [Dub]
Karnage & MarkIV – Killswitch VIP [Dub]
Malleus & Saule – Bad Kids [Dub]
Oxóssi – 6 Under [Forthcoming Silent Motion]
Djoser – Water Wheel [Dub]
Headland – Break Off [Dub]
Helktram – Control Mood [Dub]
OldGold – Anti-rewind Dub [Dub]
Trisicloplox – Monolith [Dub]
Oxóssi – Kadian Dub [Forthcoming Silent Motion]
Causa – Nosegrind [Dub]
Distinct Motive – Krome [Forthcoming Banana Stand Sound]
Gantz & Beezy – First Born [Dub]
Fill Spectre – Battle for Spice [Forthcoming Banana Stand Sound]
Malleus – Parce qu’il est Mort [Dub]


[LIS] Tell us what Oxóssi means.

[Oxóssi] Oxóssi is an old Afro-Brazilian religious figure. He was an Amazon hunter and provider of the people. 

[LIS] What made you choose Oxóssi as your project title?
[Oxóssi] When I was a little kid I used to run around the backyard catching any little bug, lizard or animal I could find. My family used to think it was funny and so they dubbed me “Their little Oxóssi”.
[LIS] What does your live stage setup consist of?

[Oxóssi] Either CDJ’s or Technics 1200’s, or both if I’m lucky and the venue is well prepared. 

[LIS] Describe your production process in the studio. What do you to prepare for that process?


[Oxóssi] Most of the time I’m listening to some random form of non-electronic music for enjoyment. Jazz… blues… orchestral type music or vintage movie/tv soundtracks, atmospheric… whatever I’m interested in at that point in time. I guess my production ends up being a spontaneous thing from that point. I don’t really plan on sitting down on any particular day and writing music, it’s more just triggered by an idea or percussion pattern. I’ll hear that and then it makes me want to get off my ass and make something.


[LIS] What do you do to support yourself as a musical artist?


[Oxóssi] I work full time. That definitely supports my vinyl addiction and buying any hardware that I might want or need to keep making new music. If I didn’t do that I’d be broke as hell and eating Instalunch everyday. I also go to a lot of live music shows, both electronic and non-electronic. It keeps me musically sane and interested in the music that I produce and DJ.


[LIS] What does your home studio consist of?


[Oxóssi] For Production: Mackie 1620i Analog Mixing Board, Boss DD-7 Delay Pedal, MicroKorg Keyboard, Ableton 9 Live, Original Nacho Cheese Doritos.
For DJing: 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000’s and 2 Technics 1200’s, DJM-800 Pioneer Mixer.


[LIS]What are a few non-electronic musical influences of yours?


[Oxóssi] I listen to blues and rock quite a bit, so Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix are standards for me. I also listen to a lot of reggae as well. Steel Pulse, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Bunny Lee, Scientist, King Tubby, Mad Professor, Lee Perry and so much more. Danny Elfman’s movie scores really interest me. He’s amazing at what he does, remember Oingo Boingo? I guess I’m sort of all over the place. Whatever makes me feel some type of way, really.

[LIS] Any notable performances coming up?

[Oxóssi] I don’t play shows very often because of my work, but I have a small LA show in September and a larger one coming up in LA on November 17th that will have some very talented people playing. There’s also some talk of me going out to the UK and playing some shows in 2016, but nothing quite finalized yet. I hope it works out though, I’ve wanted to go out there and experience the music scene for ages.

[LIS] What is the sound system culture like where you live?

[Oxóssi] It’s a huge melting pot, I feel really fortunate for that. Electronically, you see everything from Low End Theory (LA beat scene), to Respect (DnB), to B-Side and Mass LA (Dubstep/140), and so much more. Its pretty amazing how much diversity you find. The 140 bass scene I’m involved in is growing too, which is amazing and I’m all for it! I think people are slowly becoming open to new styles or they’re finally discovering old quality music that had never surfaced (because it was mainly in the UK back in the day). I also think that people are slowly getting tired of being force fed shitty mainstream music and they’re finally taking their music taste into their own hands. At least I hope that’s the case…..for the sake of the music industry in the future.


[LIS] Link us to your favorite free VST.


[Oxóssi] They’re all free! oh…wait…..right….
Camel crusher is a great one, I use it for saturation or maybe to apply some more “color” into a sound: 

[LIS] As a performing act, where do you see 
Oxóssi in the next year and what are you currently doing to reach those goals?


[Oxóssi] Hopefully I’ll go on an occasional international tour where I can play a handful of shows and meet all of the amazing people that I’ve connected with throughout the world. I’ve been so blessed to meet such great people through music, and I hope to eventually see them face to face instead of on social media haha. I started all of this as a passion and I really do want to keep it that way. I’m not in it to make money and I’m not in it to impress anyone (my music is weird enough and the scene is small enough to reflect that I think). I just want to connect with beautiful, like minded individuals and give something back to the bass music scene wherever I can.

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