Bluetech – ‘Cosmic Dubs’ Review

Evan Bartholomew, better known as Bluetech, is more than just an electronic music producer; he is a revolutionary soundscape sculptor with a flair for creating exotic bass music like that of latest release, Cosmic Dubs. The new and otherworldly release stays true to Bluetech’s signature shamanic style with an ambient, yet uplifting sound. All five tracks on the EP are well over five minutes, each one its own individual euphonic story within the entire musical journey.

Cosmic Dubs opens with soothing “Somatic Serenade,” which electrically climaxes mid-track before smoothly transitioning into the EP’s second work of art. “Cosmic Trigger” possesses deep-rooted tribal undertones that lay within the track’s bass wobbles and harmonic melody. “Wondering Spirits” kicks the EP’s energy up a notch with a faster tempo, while flawlessly maintaining the same tribal vibe that is radiated in “Cosmic Trigger.” The most cinematic track on the EP, “Desu The Trapper” continues to guide the listener through a high-energy journey; a resonating progression and haunting chants eventually spiral into a heart-pounding tempo.

“Point Cloud” is an exotic masterpiece that ends the musical journey of Cosmic Dubs on a vibrantly soaring note. Overall, as the title suggests, Cosmic Dubs truly pushes the infinite envelope through its deep-rooted tribal nature and hypnotizing electronic elements. The true beauty of this EP is its versatility – it can be danced to a festival or show or used as meditation/relaxation music.

A CD version that includes both Cosmic Dubs and previously released EP Basement Dubs is available for purchase; proceeds from the CD release will go to Bluetech’s revolutionary feat of converting his workspace into a solar powered studio. Sustainability is the main objective of this project, so make sure to give the EP a listen and support the cause if you feel moved by the music.

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