OUTKAST – Roses (Daily Bread Remix)

11225483_10153225385792279_595400115_nAn addiction to travel has caused me to meet a lot of interesting characters over the years, many as in love with discovering new music as myself. While traveling home to Austin, Texas from Envision Festival, I found myself stranded in Atlanta after a long layover, delayed flights and bad luck. This ended up being a blessing in disguise, because I discovered the incredible music (and hospitality) of a mutual friend who goes by Daily Bread.

The Georgia-based electronic hip-hop producer let me sort through his vast and eclectic collection of old vinyls while he explained that he fittingly works in a record store. This definitely explained the unique blend of music sampling and remixes used in his music that he played for myself and my friend that I was traveling with at the time. Daily Bread’s latest release truly reflects his diverse range and understanding of music.

Outkast and Neil Diamond couldn’t seem further apart on the musical spectrum, but Daily Bread has a true talent for finding similarities in different things and weaving them together to create a euphoric journey. The “Roses” remix is an addicting treat for the ears, taking a classic hip-hop favorite, then spinning it around with its own unique twist. Listen to this one loud and make sure you have enough room to dance.

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