Artist Spotlight/Album Review: FiKus

From Northern New Jersey comes a band that fans often have trouble fitting into a musical genre. FiKus forms a unique category of their own and have frequently been referred to as “electro-funkadelic hip-rock”.  This five-member band just dropped their new EP, Plus+ and have upcoming shows in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut this December.

Their new EP features three songs, each with their own style, that will keep you groovin’ for more than twenty minutes.  The first song, “Birthday Cake” is upbeat and uplifting. The vocals remind me of Brandon Flowers from The Killers, and after a few minutes it gets spacey before they throw in some 80’s beats.  “Cool Refrigerator” starts off a bit more eerie than the first song, but then it breaks down with a funky bass line and combines futuristic space sounds with classic piano.  They change it up again with vocals and a guitar solo similar to the style of the Red Hot Chili PeppersFiKus’ last song on Plus+ is called “Weezy,” and is much more rock-heavy than the first two.  The song takes a jazzy turn and finishes with that FiKus funk they are known for.

For more information on FiKus, visit their website:

Plus+ is available for download here:

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