Track of the Week: Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce

Thomas Alan “Tom” Waits is a musician, actor and writer with a cult following, whose works and characters often explore the dark and seedy themes of life that the mainstream often won’t touch. He’s recently released his newest full length album Bad As Me, which is where we found this week’s gem. “Hell Broke Luce” has that utterly raw quality that Waits is known for, but the addition of Keith Richards to the track brings about an aggressiveness of impeding chaos. There are imposing guitar riffs and combative chants that build throughout and the whole time. Waits has us waiting for the moment when Hell Broke Luce.

Here is what Tom has to say about the collaboration with Richards: “I was really nervous. He came with about 600 guitars in a semi-truck. And a butler. We were in these huge studios in New York, like The Poseidon Adventure. Huge, high ceilings in these rooms like football fields. They’d fill these things up with orchestras and we were in there with five guys. It felt a little weird. He killed me. I was really knocked out that he played on all those things”.

Enjoy your weekend— get luce.

Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce

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