Somatoast – ‘Goop’ Review

Somatoast emerges from the depths of mystery and illuminates with Goop. Based in Austin, Texas, Mark Rubin continues to carve a distinctive sound rooted in downtempo and drippy, psychedelic dreamscapes that exemplify a vibe that is favorable and imaginative. With an extensive instrumental background as a drummer, his musical upbringing dominates a foundation for progressive creativity. This marks his second release on Gravitas Recordings, so be sure to scope this freshly squeezed goop and get dosed in cinematic atmospheres with intricate, funky feels.

“Nodus Tollens” is a cinematic liquid dream. Deep ambience finds itself through a steady, melodic beat as unanticipated grooves and intricate textures soothe through lucid crescendos. Elegance leads this flow. Impressive sound design furthers a state of triggering geometries, opens up gateways, and unravels imagery of a cycling mystery. Innovative percussive leads are a reminder to follow intuitive guidance.

“Obscurity Security” is an enigmatic, timeless journey. Somatoast’s signature squishy and trippy sound is composed through mystical leads and fine detail. Robotic vocal samples create otherworldly tunnels, as elegant composition reveals everlasting magic.

“Polytricks” is a polyrhythmic stretch through wormholes. Distinctive patterns and playful melodies suggest a trickster intellect on a weird bass rollercoaster ride.

“Goop” is an atmospheric wonder that will twirl your brain endlessly through deep layers of intertwining psychedelic tones. Ongoing rhythmic motion creates a natural flow with pulsating beats that inspire introspective exploration.

“Spunning Song” enters the goop with chiming feels. Deep, syncopated bass grooves and a blast of inconceivable textures sync into a lysergic blend. Certainly feels as though you are on a trip as sound reverberates throughout the cycle.

“Robot Rain Drops” is luscious ear candy with aqueous wobbles that fuse through percussive backflips. Crescendos ignite a thunderstorm that calms through robotic rain drops. Waves of ethereal soundscapes provide a soothing feel and suddenly you are deeper within the drop with etched patterns and splattering breakthroughs.

“Goop” (Zonra Remix) glistens deeper within the mystery with loads of dubs and laserlike bass that makes the goop goopier. Heavier feels propell into otherworldly dimensional shifts.

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