Artist Spotlight: Leftfield

Recently I have taken up poi spinning, attending weekly lessons since December.  In the wake of this discovery, I have also discovered for myself a new meaning in music. No longer is it just sounds to listen and wildly dance to. Instead, it’s now the inspiration that cultivates and drives my movement with poi. I have been searching long and hard for different sounds to drive this motion and I have finally satisfied this search with British duo, Leftfield.

Formed in 1990, Leftfield is comprised of Paul Daley and Neil Barnes. They are not only thought of as two of  the earliest pioneers to rock the fusion of house, dub and reggae, but they are also one of the first electronic music acts to incorporate live guest vocalists.  In 1995, The Crystal Method‘s, Scott Kirkland, referred to them as “the best electronic band, period”.

The interesting thing about Leftfield is that they are and always were way ahead of the game. Their first EP came out in 1993 titled, Open Up, with the album’s namesake track  famously used in the 1995 movie, Hacker.  Their next album, Leftism was released in 1995 and featured a track I really like called, “Song of Life”.   Their next album, Rhythm and Stealth, came out in 1999, and it is filled with bangers like “Chant of a Poor Man” and  “Dub Gussett”.  Following was a remix album of all some songs from Rhythm and Stealth.  Aside from a best of compilation in 2005, it has been all quiet on the Leftfield front, until now.

After taking a 10 year hiatus in touring it looks like Leftfield is back on the road and kicking ass, gaining much praise for their performance at Coachella this year.  I was crazy excited for a show that was supposed to go down at Webster Hall last month but was mysteriously canceled.  Perhaps they were afraid of their notoriously loud sound levels.  They are known for causing dust and plaster to fall from the ceiling at a show at the Brixton Academy and were subsequently banned from the venue. Furthermore, at a gig in Amsterdam, Dutch police were close to arresting the sound man due to their music reaching illegal volumes. Give a listen!

Chant of a Poor Man

Dub Gusset

Open Up Check out this track at the 4:30 mark, FIYA

It doesn’t look like they have any more US gigs this year but if you’re in Europe this summer show your support for these guys and hit them up.

May 15th – BANG FACE WEEKEND – Camber Sands London 7pm

May 28th – FRESHTIVAL – Istanbul, Turkey – 12am

Jul 2nd – BEAT-HERDER FESTIVAL – Gisburn, Northwest UK – 12am

Jul 3rd – CHESTER ROCKS – Chester, UK – 9pm

Jul 8th – OXEGEN FESTIVAL – Punchestown, IE – 7pm

Jul 9th – T IN THE PARK – Balado, Kinross-Shire, Scotland – 7pm

Jul 23rd – SECRET GARDEN PARTY FESTIVAL – Cambridgeshire, UK – 7pm

Aug 12th – OPEN AIR FESTIVAL – Letiste Panensky Tynec, CZ – 9pm


Show your support for Leftfield and Buy some music from them, see a show, or help spread the word. Old school website, lol

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