Business Casual Disco – Artist Spotlight

In today’s overpopulated slew of aspiring DJs, there’s something to be said about a trio of disco connoisseurs that are strictly business when it comes to their music. Coltrane, Norrin, and Skeeba are the collective that come together to find the future and discover the past as Business Casual Disco. They cite influences from The Magician to Larry Levan to Gigamesh to Soul Clap. After years of dabbling and experimenting with each other’s production capabilities, it wasn’t until the summer of 2011 that Business Casual Disco was born. The Connecticut faithful have blown away the local community with their funky diverse upbeat disco groove, and there’s only one direction on their path from here – up!

After opening for acts like Orchard Lounge and Normal Instruments, Business Casual Disco has received the region-wide recognition we could all see coming. Their two mixes on SoundCloud (see below) have been a huge hit among surrounding EDM circles, and have booked them a slot at LIFT Festival in New Hampshire. We are also anticipating a new mix from BCD on Valentines Day that we know will be nothing short of pure sex. Keep an eye and ear out for Business Casual Disco ’cause Lost in Sound can’t wait to see what these dudes have in store for 2012. For all you ragers in the greater Boston area, get down to Wonder Bar to see Business Casual Disco tonight!


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