Album Review: Signal Path – Some Take Flight


Completing a year long project is a gratifying feeling that should be greatly celebrated.  Signal Path got that gratification when they released Some Take Flight on December 21st, the Winter Solstice.  What this fourth and final installment of their quadrILLogy (an EP being released on the first day of each season) lacks in length, it makes up in quality. Comprised of just 3 tracks, this EP has the distinctive Signal Path sound – fresh hip-hop samples, glitchy synths, and soothing guitar riffs – over bass that’s heavier than usual.

Cold Creatures stands out from the rest, due to the presence of the ever so unique hip-hop group, Vokab Kompany.  Signal Path crewed up with these guys for a second time after their first collaboration (Gangsterer Than Me,) which also turned out to be a crowd favorite.  My undoubted favorite track of the EP is the bass infused tune, Think About Your Mind.  LostInSound’s trademark slogan recurs throughout the song – “keep it moving – ’cause the crowd said so.” – Well, so did we!



Signal Path – Think About Your Mind

Signal Path – North Denver Hustle

Signal Path – Cold Creatures


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