Artist Spotlight: GIBSON

Tyler Gibson has been writing and DJing electronic music for nearly a decade. He has a great new EP out and a Birds of Paradise debut album in the works, a collaborative project with Torin Goodnight (Bird of Prey).

See Video of their live debut at Earthdance 2011 HERE

“While still electronic, Birds of Paradise offers organic, tropical qualities. Their fusion of elements, both natural and technological, paint auditory, bio-digital mindscapes. Their music is an attempt to hybridize various genres, fusing the swirling sensibilities of psychedelic sound with hard hitting dub and breaks.” – Soundcloud

He is a powerful talent who can stand on his own as well, however. I’ve realized that a bunch of the music in the live set above and in Bird of Prey’s incredible and famous Podcast is Gibson‘s. He is poised to become one of the leading producers in the psydub/psybreaks genre;  his patient, ethereal style reveals an artist unwilling to compromise vision for success, so far producing innovative evolutions of popular elements. His creations are haunting and mind-bending, capable of enhancing and creating psychedelic states and catapulting the mind through space and time.

His new EP In This World is full of glitched-out voyages that spin us through the cosmos and hint at great compositions to come. Experimental and pulling ideas and techniques from many genres, the production quality of the individual sounds is something special, drawing listeners in with compellingly dark and mysterious tones. Wizard music for the 21st Century, it conjures images of ancient rites and dire space battles. Added narrative and ambitious melodies will carry these atmospheric beats to new levels; witness a great beginning:

In this World by GIBSON

TorqueMatter by GIBSON

Flooressence by GIBSON

Birds of Paradise-Quicksilver by Bird of Prey

We can’t wait for the Ascended Blasters EP, which is set to drop this Monday, January 9th and will provide a taste of whats to come on Birds of Paradise‘s full length album. It will be a much anticipated expression of the dubby, tropical cyborg soul Gibson shares with Torin Goodnight (BoP)

Follow Gibson‘s Soundcloud and Facebook for more releases; check out the tracks above and EP on Addictech!



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