Younger Brother “Vaccine” Pledge + Track Previews

Become a pledger for Younger Brother’s upcoming album “Vaccine” here:

Hi guys,

We’ve decided to do something a bit unusual for our new album. You’ve been amazing fans, so we want you to be involved in a much closer way. We’ve joined up with Pledge Music to offer you access to a range of unusual and one off products that go much further than the usual way bands engage with their fans.

Not only are these ideas designed to bring us together but they will give you the chance to get some really cool stuff along the way. We’re making available things like signed and personalised albums, lyric sheets, soundcheck passes, signed Storm Thorgerson prints, workshops and VIP passes. Maybe you’d even like Ru to play at your house or be in our next music video!

All Pledgers will receive a digital copy of the album before it is released and we’ll give you free access to our “Pledgers Only Updates Page” – a free backstage area – on which we will be posting, demos, live tracks, rough mixes, videos and all things Younger Brother that we can think of as a reward for those who Pledge!

We will use your money to help us promote and tour the album without having to sell ourselves off to another record company. It takes a lot to market an album properly and as big believers in doing things independently, we’d rather use your help as a way of doing this than any other.

Lastly, we’ve all been big supporters of Save The Children over the years so we’re going to donate a portion of this Pledge to them for the great work they do.

We’re really excited about this new way to connect with you guys; to offer you creative ways to get involved and in a way that really helps us as artists and gives you the fan something special.

Hope this appeals to you. We think it’s the future and can’t wait to get it started; so get involved and join the fun!

-Younger Brother


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