What the Festival?! A Preview…

Get ready to rage…. in style!

The organizers of What the Festival, located 100 miles east of Portland, Oregon are taking a rather pimp approach to an outdoor music festival.  Not only are they jamming some of the hottest acts on the north Coast and abroad onto at least three stages and 2 lounges, but they are making sure that they are able to offer some of the most redonkulous amenities to the masses of festivalians.

The Seraphim Dance Troupe will be one of the many performance groups at WTF?!

Oodles of hands on art installations from the playa and beyond, a hookah lounge, splash pool, and sauna with hot showers are all offered.  Mind blowing circus performances and mind expanding lectures and workshops will be available as well.  Check out some of the details HERE.

Claude Von Stroke is one of the many acts LiS is super excited for….

The lineup, found HERE in full, host such large names as Claude Von Stroke, Scuba, Mimosa, Big G, Emancipator, Eprom, Bluetech, the Lowridaz, and MANY MANY MORE!!  The easy to use website provides a great way to research some of the lesser known artists to plan your attack, providing excellent descriptions and a sample track to give us a taste before we dive in head first.

The Legendary British born SCUBA is coming all the way from Germany to tantalize us with the DEEPEST of Dubz!! Not to be missed!!!

LOSTinSOUND is sending people from a far to cover this amazing and dare I say unparalleled event.  We encourage EVERYONE to check out ticket prices and other information on camping, FAQ’s, and rules on WTF’s easy to use website and get cracking on preparations because it’s one week away!!

White River Canyon is to provide the setting for this amazing event, with water, shade and soft rolling hills of grass.

I’ve just got one thing to say to anyone who is not trying in every way possible to make it to this event…. What the F?!




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