Vibesquad and Heyoka: Crunkin ‘n Squishin at the ATL

Busy playing a sparsely populated dance floor at an event for the University, I missed the beginning of Heyoka’s set, and all of Resident Anti-Hero’s opening set (site). I cannot say that I was at a loss for being absent from the beginning of his seamless onslaught of truly original riddims, however, since I was excited to lend my efforts to the local KRFH station pro-bono. In fact, it was a perfect way to transition the evening, and with the Halloween spirits rife in the cool Humboldt air I approached the beloved Arcata Theater Lounge with a serious bounce in my step.  Glad to be doing what I love amidst a time in my life where I am obligated to often hectic and taxing school days, I entered the smokey lounge excited to see my fellow bass minions, a third or so dressed in full rage level three attire, all in the Halloween spirit.

Squish’n it heavy

After initial greetings and exchange of full bodied hugs with all the homies, a factor that reconfirms the reasons why this town is extra special, I focused for the first time on Andre Heyoka (peep game) on stage with his dreadies moving rhythmically to his laid back headnods. This man makes the kinda music you could hear for 3 seconds and say “Bam, that’s Heyoka.”  (This spot on ID for me is similar to  the works of Benga, Pretty Lights, J Dilla and RZA.)  Like a subwoofer submerged in a pool of liquid nitrous oxide, his signature squishy-bub vibrations radiated from the shiny red Void horns and the nearly sold out crowd swelled with energy as the pace picked up with a glitched out DnB style breakdown. The modest mannered producer, hitting his stride, finished his set of mostly new material off the Cosmic Boogie LP (Juno) with style, as the costumed creatures of the night gave a full hearted call of appreciation and braced themselves for the best bass face in the biz to take us on a journey through sonic intensity.

Vibesquad letting loose on the Voids at the ATL

The face, of course, belongs to none other than Aaron Vibesquad Holstein. (link up) Although his smile is always beaming, tonight it seemed extra wide and as he progressively emitted an energy that everyone in the old theater was drawn to react in kind.  There were people dancing in every inch of the spot, including bathrooms and sidewalks out front.  The mounting culmination of every aspect of the night proved again the fact that World Famous Productions is steadily producing shows of the quality that keeps us coming back.  At the end of his set, Aaron was visually in the epitome of a Flow state, achieving the optimal balance on the scale between anxiety and boredom while doing something he loves. This state is the prime level of satisfaction with a given activity, and on Thursday night Vibesquad was the poster child of someone enjoying the absolute shit out of what they do, and one could not help but be moved by this energy. With a slight tremble in his voice, Aaron thanked all of us sharing the moment with him, and made sure to promise his return to what he called his new favorite place.

With new Void Sub cabinets on the way, completing the full system, and new shows announced, like Nosaj Thing, Sub Swara and Random Rab, there are definite good things to come in the foggy North-Left Coast. would like to give a fat shout to Matty and Julia with World Famous, Jason for taking photos, the patrons of the ATL and of course Heyoka and Vibesquad for an amazing night of music and love in our little sanctuary free of trendy urbanite hustle bustle bull hit and chock full of big city Bass. Also shout to Resident, I’ll catch you next time brotha.

This is Dyaphonoyze signing off, reminding you to find that thing you do that makes you as happy as Aaron was at the end of the night. Use your head to Find that shit and Do that shit… Together. After all, it’s what moving and grooving on this planet Earth is all about.

Biggup to Jason for the photos.

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