Unifier Festival Preview – The Northeast Region’s Premier Transformational Experience

The Northeast/New England area has not really had a full on transformational festival… yet. We’ve come close, with mixtures of psytrance and jam bands and electronica and yoga, but it’s never really had a pure overarching intention of being a sacred container for personal growth and exploration (outside of specific fire-circle pagan festivals).

All that is about to change with New England’s first full-on, intentional, transformational festival called Unifier on June 5th-8th, 2014 at Camp Laurel in Lebanon, CT presented by the heARTbeat Collective and Unifier Festival Productions. Here is an official statement from the producers:

Honoring and bringing together different sub-cultures, this transformational gathering is a world and sacred music festival, electronic music festival, yoga festival, a tribal belly dance festival, a live art show, a place for ceremony, for permaculture, for sculptural works and circus arts. It is a place to care for the land and to eat organic food, and to be inspired and inspire our kids and our elders.

A significant portion of proceeds from Unifier Festival over multiple years will be put in a Land Trust Fund for a retreat center and potential eco-village to be owned in perpetuity, governed by council, and in service to the community.

Just by attending this gathering, just by showing up and having an amazing time, you will be supporting the creation of a place where people come together to share creativity, culture, knowledge and wisdom through various mediums in the healing and expressive arts with a focus on a healthy relationship to the natural world.


Unifier will feature: World & Sacred Live Music, DJ’s, Tribal Belly Dance, Circus Arts, Yoga, Kirtan, Live Painting, Ceremony, Workshops, Kids Programming, Spoken Word, Alternative Energy, Organic Food, Permaculture… And an all-star musical cast including Starhawk, Ott., Phutureprimitive, Niyaz feat. Azam Ali, Kaminanda, Autumn Skye, Sorne, April Rose, Youssouphe Sidibe, John de Kadt & Brenda McMorrow, The Human Experience, Janover & reSUNator, SriKaloGy, Living Light, Deb Rubin, Dynasty Electric, Incus, Peia, Nature Dreamweaver, Climbing Poe Tree, The Soil and The Sun, and many many more… All on 380 gorgeous acres with a lake.

What Unifier is about to undertake is huge. The aim is to unify many of the smaller isolated pockets that exist here in the Northeast into one huge transformational festival. There are a very large number of people from many different tribes and collectives in the Northeast working together and planning the success of this event because everyone has wanted it, but no one else has had the guts to be the first until Unifier.

This will be a groundbreaking event for this region, and I hope to see you there.


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