Trouble & Bass 3yr Anniversary ft. Benga + Skream

T&BpromoWe experienced a taste of Benga earlier this summer at the Summer Solstice Projekt in MD before it got shut down. In late June Trouble & Bass dropped a monster of a show at Studio B that had New Yorkers begging for more trouble and extra bass. Having gone to both of these shows, I knew I was in for a night of pure music mayhem with T&B and southern London’s finest dubstep producers Benga & Skream. Heading into Le Poission Rouge, you were greeted by two girls who had a table full of fun accessories for your liking, and asked if you were interested in a picture with Tommy B’s Photo stand, which consisted of a balloon and a Dracula Cut-out. We received five hours of pure bass for your face that wobbled the sweat off all party goers and dubsteppers alike.

The place was full of energy with people jumping on and off stage at all times, holding signs up in the air that said things like ‘Wobble Wobble’  and ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’. The atmosphere was great, aside from drink spilling on the dance floor and people dubstepping recklessly all over the place.. but that’s a given upon entering a venue full of raunchy beats. The rest I leave for the pictures to explain, as a bunch of them had me trying to rewind the night.


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