Tribal Alliance – Post-Envision Visionary Leadership Retreat


Written by Alokananda & Clayton Gaar

What do Kalya Scintilla, The Human Experience, and Rising Appalachia all have in common? Aside from being awesome international touring artists on the rise, they are the featured artists (among special surprise guests) for a very powerful and revolutionary retreat in Costa Rica. This retreat is a visionary leadership immersion after the magic at Envision Festival IN COSTA RICA. We are stoked to be able to dive deep into this unique retreat and its various offerings.

The Tribal Alliance Visionary Leadership Retreat is a unique offering combining the forces of UNITRIBE (NYC/CA), Tribal Council (NC/ ATL), AWAKEN Gatherings (Tribal Convergence Network), Project Nuevo Mundo (International Sustainability Network), and Living Wisdom Retreats.

“This is a gathering where we focalize our intentions as co-creators of Heaven on Mother Earth. This is a NEW-EARTH VISIONARY COUNCIL!” Says Mira, one of the few work-trade participants.

This retreat takes all the juicy elements of a festival but compresses it into an intimate experience, a rite of passage, an opportunity for deeper embodiment of one’s mission, for healing, for inspiration, and for community empowerment. It introduces the innovative, fertile ground where wisdom teachings and festival culture meet, where modern technology and ancient traditions converge. The retreat features five days and nights of sacred ceremonies, including a sweat lodge, cacao, nightly ecstatic dance, and daily workshops focusing on community empowerment, sustainability, permaculture design, Qi Gong, yoga, and more.

“We’re excited to seed eco-villages, to bring the magic of transformational festival culture into action where we can leave a lasting impression on the Earth and ground out reliable and integrative ways to truly be pioneers as a community”, says Alokananda and Clayton Gaar, two of the producers of this gathering.

One of the aspects that makes this event stand out among the rest is the fact that it takes place on an existing permaculture farm. The retreat provides all meals from fresh local organic produce that is produced onsite and from around neighboring farms. “We already have nearby farms preparing to send us coffee, eggs, and produce for this event. We want to show people what eating farm fresh food is about and that it’s possible”, explains Josh, the venue owner at Verdenergia Pacifica.

What’s cool about this retreat is that it give participants an opportunity to dive deep into their own process and ask “what are my gifts, how am I actualizing my visions for a new Earth, and how am I participating, how am I showing up?”.

Lost in Sound’s very own ambassador and all around ninja Patrick Boyle will be laying down treats as Digital Vagabond at one of the five nights of ecstatic dance and is excited to engage in the unique spiritual, communal and visionary leadership aspects of this retreat.

This special leadership immersion has limited its participation to only 108 people. If you’re feeling the call, you’d better get on it!

VISIT : for the info, program, and more.

See you in the jungle!

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