Track of the Week: Ott – Squirrel and Biscuits

Twisted Records MVP (most valuable producer) has secured a spot in the hearts and minds of listeners across the globe. Ott fans have been waiting three years for a new album. Since its release earlier this week his third LP, Mir, is spreading like wildfire. For some time now Ott has incorporated “Squirrel and Biscuits” in his performances with many a variety over many a dancefloor and festival ground. Finally, here is the studio mastered album version and as usual Ott delivers those crispy sonic treats swimmingly into your ear-holes. As put by contributor IntuiSean, “Squirrel and Biscuits is the catchy banger on Mir, the track you would blast in your car while riding around with your homies.”

Ott – Squirrel and Biscuits

This track is a departure for Ott into the crunky side of life, that west coast vibe with waves of modulating bass, lasers and more of a hip hop beat. His signature dub elements are toned down, but you know it’s his work when the wild vocal samples come in, perfectly distorted and tribal. Showing off his glitch prowess and ability to capture hot production techniques of the moment and make them his own, he creates some incredible sounds reminiscent of Tipper‘s effects work.. Zoom-bubble-shift-boing! We’re pleasantly surprised by this attempt to stay current, to adopt and evolve new styles – keep it movin!

The pic above is adorable, but I have a feeling the title comes from an old country recipe..

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