MiHKAL ~ ‘Even Thugs Cry’ Mix D/L

MiHKAL is a producer and DJ out of Oakland becoming known for his live sets and mixtapes. Well dressed and connected with the Symbiosis crew, he is part of the beauty-glitch movement specializing in complex, melodic downtempo beats. Like love-step, a gentler, prettier version of dubstep, this mix of snapping street drums, deep bass and refined synth work makes for a unique and captivating sound.

The aptly named When Thugs Cry is a diverse journey through electronica, showing a compelling, emotional side of trip-hop and glitch. Lovely and hypnotic,  one can zone out to it after a long day, or pop and step to it at a festival. Catch MiHKAL live and be mesmerized!

MiHKAL ~ Even Thugs Cry


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