Track of the Week: Bird of Prey ft. Ryan Johnson & Robert Rich – Pathfinder

Bird of Prey ft. Ryan Johnson & Robert Rich- Pathfinder

Bird of Prey is at it again, teaming up with a couple of instrumentalists, Ryan Johnson and Robert Rich to create a tribal downtempo track that I cant stop listening to. Hand drums, acoustic guitars, live bass and flutes accompany BoP’s atmospherics and synth work, making for a smoothly building journey both classic and modern. Ethnic vocal samples morph into a glitchy conclusion, mixing third world rhythms and melodies with first world technology.

If you like what you hear, check out Ranch’s review of his Dreamcatcher EP which includes a free D/L of his remix of Fever Ray‘s “Coconut”

Stop by his Soundcloud for more goodies, including another favorite track “Atrium”..

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