Gully Foil EP by Shankles

A message for your weathered ears: Your thoughts and emotions will thank them for this retreat of your mind and soul from the pressure of harsh reality. Shankles just released this album that sings soothing organic textures and blown-back beats on Jus Like Music Records. It features a remix by S.Maharba (BTS Radio, Ocular Science, Error Broadcast) who also mastered the entire EP. If my intro description didn’t state it well enough, this isn’t for the club or dance floor, its for the ride home from that spectacular party where you danced all night long till the sun came up. I can imagine looking out of the subway window going over the East River as the red sunrise peeks over Brooklyn… Or cab window maybe. Point is, this is going on my ipod next weekend just in case. Here is where you can do the same for free download.

-Thanks to Chromotherapy for the tip.

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