The Polish Ambassador- Future, Sex, Computers Review

As the final remnants of winter melt away, the only thing on my mind is leaving the city behind and making a great escape to some unknown land. Unfortunately however, my bank account bears a very close resemblance to the sum of 4+4 so this desire has not been even remotely feasible; that is until I got my hands on the latest album from The Polish Ambassador , Future, Sex, Computers. The Polish Ambassador (a.k.a David Sugalski) may hail from Oakland, CA but after one listen to his latest album you will find yourself transported on a first-class shuttle into an alternate psychedelic universe, wiping away the mundane confines of your daily life. As one of the newest additions to STS9‘s self-owned label, 1320 Records, The Polish Ambassador celebrates the drop of his sixth studio release of his 11 track album. The album is an energetic, body-grooving, head-nodding, toe-tapping, throw your arms up in the air ode to our extraterrestrial counter-parts. It engages the senses with its combination of chopped-up glitch, atmospheric synths, hip-hop samples and ambient dub lounge beats.

As a highly visual and image driven individual, Sugalski’s album did not fail to ignite my mental playground. As I closed my eyes listening to each individual track, I was reminded of a painter slowly layering various colors from his palette to fulfill his visionary work.  In this case, Sugalski has a very vibrant palette with which to draw from. The album’s second track, “Save, Develop, Protect”, opens as though a movie camera was panning over the vast terrain of some unknown planet. Once the setting is established, a  light portal opens releasing an unidentified voice and energy into the atmosphere. From there, be prepared to get lost in space and find yourself amidst a black hole of indiscriminate sounds. There’s a glossy film over top the calculated chaos of sound (reminiscent of liquid drum and bass), keeping you invited into this planetary orgy.

Through the album’s progression, it transforms from its initial high energy glitchy sound and takes on a more down-tempo lounge-like feel (a la Sugalski’s alias Ample Mammal). My favorite track off of the album is track 7: “Rising in the Wake of Supernova”. This track is unlike anything else on the album and truthfully, the title says it all. I imagine this song to come on during an epic sunrise set and right as all of the poisons are settling in, voices begin to break through the air inviting a true psychedelic and spiritual experience. This is the moment after a long night where you close your eyes and feel the love of the music supporting you. It’s beautiful, emotional, and packed with raw human experience. Turn it on as you lay in bed with the lights off and let your mind and body gently float away to that much needed place, that place that’s anywhere but here.

With a strong name like Future, Sex, Computers, The Polish Ambassador sets the bar high for the quality of his album’s content. He definitely does not disappoint as he takes his listeners on a supernatural journey. I started my day anticipating another gloomy April day and ended it feeling like I had experienced something new and refreshing, without breaking the bank. Here’s to music that keeps us marching for yet another day.

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