The Polish Ambassador – ‘Ecozoic’ Review


Photo courtesy of Margaret HUNTER

His career groped its way forward, progressing by trial and error, streaming through a multiplicity of avenues and efforts, reaching out in various directions as he searched for a breakthrough: the next level in the evolution of his soul’s endeavors. Ecozoic is a leap forward in the evolution of David Sugalski’s musical consciousness. The Polish Ambassador makes a statement with this album, an obvious ascension in sound. The original nature of his works holds pure, while a growing organic reconnection from far away galaxies to Mother Earth and her beauty bind this collection to what is sacred.

This sonic spirituality resonates true in “Inside a Dream” featuring Ayla Nereo. Warping angelic elements bleed into ice cold melodies with the thick glowing voice of Ayla, which manifests a viscous moving haunt to the track. Ayla graces two other songs in the collection, one being “Conversations Between.” The vibrant fabric of Ayla’s voice is strewn across this confessional of understanding love. Ethereal lows bounce under a simple clap while playful hollow mallets provide a sweet innocence to the story.

Doing what The Polish mastered pre-Ecozoic is shown in the maturity heard in “New Funk Millennium” and “Invisible Frontiers,” where entheogenic grooves, layered strings, and tight vocal samples create a progressive soundscape which ripple sexual vibrations across the dance floor.

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Through proper intention, Ecozoic is able to encompass a mutually enhancing relationship with past efforts and the newly acquired connections to Earth, reverberating outward the evolution of electronic music.

All of TPA’s music is readily available for download:

The Polish Ambassador Website

The Polish Ambassador SoundCloud

The Polish Ambassador Bandcamp


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