Escort’s Disco Revival – [11.23.13] Review

There’s no place for pretty lights, 100,000 watt systems, or over the top visualizations and lasers. When this 17 piece disco orchestra jump starts the inner kundilini, the joint’s socio-cultural freeze goes liquid via Escort‘s fluid merging of sexy, poppy fun and intellectually synchronous composition. The product is scary sharp, delivering a polished performance that evokes immature fun at a very mature level of cool. Each smoking hot piece exudes the passion a musician possess when their soul is infectious to every funking body in the audience. Accurate yet raw, exposed but technical and choreographed, each note is precision cut in the lab and brought to life by Escort’s progressive roof lifting energy.

By creating dance music the old fashioned way through musicianship, immaculate production, and a clairvoyance with the fans that shows as each song written is a prescription and the only cure for that Saturday night fever; staying tight with fans by attending after parties and snapping a signature photo of the crowd at each event, the band continues to be praised by concert going followers and the media.



The New York Post  – “The City’s best live band”



Spin Magazine – “The best disco album of 2011”



Rolling Stone – “note perfect return to the heyday of disco”

The Bell House – Brooklyn, NY Setlist:

Starlight, Get on Up, Love in Indigo, Look Right Through (Storm Queen Cover), Hollywood (Escort Remix) -> Chameleon Chameleon, There but for the Grace of God, Barbarians, Makeover -> Cabaret, A Sailboat in the Moonlight -> Cocaine Blues -> All That She Is, All through the Night, Dancer (Gino Soccio Cover)

Gaining positive recognition on all fronts partly due to the vibrant, white hot party they bring to each bill, The Bell House in Brooklyn [10.23.13] sold out. JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound got the vibe steady as the diverse crowd of flat brims and cocktail dresses lubed up on PBR’s and coconut lychee martinis. Escort filled the stage, readying their instruments and preparing for an ample, discofunkadelic dance party to ensue.

RickieLKostiner-319 (1)

The diva M.C. for the party is Adeline Michèle. Not a soul is unaffected by the feeling radiating from her goddess presence. Fun and passion pour from her lips as she hits the angelic highs and jungle cat lows, harmonizing with the strings and enriching the horns. The 1970’s bassist reincarnate slaps her four string guitar, bringing the depth of funk and the sheen of the disco-rock, all in one professionally polished package.

You could find me funking respectively due to some thunder chunky beats thumping out of the speaker racks. When I managed to scribble down a moment with journalistic intent, I was struck by Escort’s shared chemistry existent between each and all performing on stage. Flawless timing, landing each musical section precisely as the spotlight roamed the band providing zero gaps for the energy to find refuge. The house’s energy seemed to progressively build to a questionable architectural collapse as the walls and roof pushed outward. During this climatic peak, Adeline grabbed her bass guitar to really pound the real into fanatic and funked the hell out of the crowd. This talent is the formula for success, and to consistently produce a familiar feeling for their faithful following to count on with each performance. The alchemists that hold the funky dance explosion formula is Escort, and the venues size will mirror the band’s energy with the bar set high. This band is huge and will only get bigger.

Photography by Rickie Kostiner

Every music manipulating electronic musician is having a go at the live orchestra’s dance tunes. Remixes Below:

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Find everything you would need to hop on the Escort train


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