Supersillyus Releases New Track “Experience With Eternity”

Well kids, we did it.  We  have reached our first “facebook milestone” together.   1000 fans might seem miniscule in the face of the world population, but for me this is not about counting friends as if they were arcade tickets.  It’s every day, seeing names and faces of people I’ve never even met before from all over the world simply acknowledging that a connection has been made…  A connection completely impossible without this strange and amazing creature we call the internet…  A connection also unfathomable without all of you and your appreciation for exploratory electronic music.

1000 people is not small. To me it is a testament to the interconnective power of social media, and I’ve been in a constant state of awe throughout my entire experience of sharing my music with you all.  I’m finding myself overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the support by all of you who at the very least, took the time to listen to my work. Thank you all, you are awesome. whoever and wherever you are.

Since it has been long overdue, here is a brand new track I’ve been tweaking and roadtesting recently, featuring samples from one of my favorite humans, George Carlin.  It’s completely for free.  Enjoy it and share it!  Keep listening to weird music! Let’s make more connections!   Thank you for being the .00000014%” –Supersillyus

In celebration of surpassing the 1000 “like” mark, Supersillyus has decided to share a brand new track with you, called “Experience With Eternity.” Stream/download below and stay up on all things Supersillyus, we hope you enjoy it!

Supersillyus – Experience With Eternity


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