SONIC BLOOM 2012 Preview – Georgetown, Colorado

Who's Ready?!

Get ready ragers of all ages!! The seventh installment in what is becoming one if the hottest and most mind blowing underground electronic music gatherings in the United States is upon us. SONIC BLOOM 2012 is right around the corner, and trust us, it’s not to be missed.

Set in a rustic mountain setting, an easy drive along I-70 from Denver, Shadow’s Ranch serves as home to a family of rescued wolves most of the year. These wild beasts and their human pack members are gracious enough to grant all who are willing to come out on one special weekend, however, to live, dance and celebrate the culture of music, art and self expression that we all share and embrace.

LiS will be there to cover all the Sights, Sounds and Higinks as possible, but as we all know, there are many amazing memories that cannot be conveyed through any medium. If it is at all possible, come and experience Sonic Bloom with the LiS crew, who will be meeting in from the furthest reaches of the United States.

Check this AMAZING Lineup!!

Feeling the financial pressure?  There are two nice options for volunteers, who can apply HERE

Feeling like you got what it takes to provide some eye candy? Visual artists can apply HERE

Feeling the need to be enlightened?  There will be a myriad of workshops to help give even the most detached and detracted individuals a chance to connect with the greater powers that be.

If you would like to apply to lead a workshop, check HERE


A large part of the Sonic Bloom experience is sharing life with our greater community, and a big part of that is realizing when some others in our community have basic needs that are not being fulfilled.

This is why we encourage everyone attending the fest and everyone in the Greater Denver area to contribute to the Conscious Alliance Food Drive.  This opportunities pits music enthusiasts and artists against hunger, and all participants to donate ten canned food items receive a FREE limited edition SONIC BLOOM poster from a local talented artist. For more on this more than worthy cause check out Conscious Alliance HERE.

We are traveling from as far as New York, Northern California, Boston and Beyond the Cosmos to cover this gathering for LOSTinSOUND, and we hope to see everyone that can make it out there in full efffect!!  Thanks to the organizers of Sonic Bloom and Tsunami Marketing, you can be sure to expect that we will be given ultimate access to artists for interviews and real time live updates from the state of the art wireless press tent!

Check this video from last year’s gathering on YOUTUBE as you pull your tent and rage gear outta storage and get ready for the 2012 season!

DENVER PEEPS Check this tonight!!

The Unified Field: A Sonic Bloom Pre-Party feat. Alex and Allyson Grey

w/ Bluetech, Octopus Nebula, GRiZ, David Starfire, Janover, Russ Liquid, Sugarpill, The Malah, The Floozies, Ill Mannered, Human Agency, Tantaka, Samsonite, Coult45, Dayquil and Umconcious

April 27 & 28, 2012 – Denver, CO
Cervante’s & The Other Side (dual venue)


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