Phutureprimitive – “Lucid Dream” (Official Music Video) HD

Five months ago, my partner Rain Phutureprimitive and I received a screenplay from Jesse Vinton, director of multimedia production team Vinton Depiction. During an LSD trip at an old abandoned fish hatchery in Gold Beach, OR, they became inspired to bring the narrative of Phutureprimitive to life. We were astounded at the beauty and resonance of the story they created. An exquisite expression of our vision, message, and aesthetic – we could not have possibly imagined a more fitting script.

To me, Phutureprimitive is about remembering our ancient tribal wisdom to revolutionize the future. It is the fusion of old and new, which is the crux of transformation. The story is set in an apocalyptic future, where nature has taken back control over the environment. As Rain navigates the beautiful landscape, uncovering secrets of the past, he is guided by a holographic dance spirit played by yours truly.

The song was co-created along with the video, and it’s the first four-on-the-floor song Rain has ever made as Phutureprimitive. It’s a menage a trois of deep trance, sexy bass, and his own vocals and lyrics. A fully collaborative, multi-dimensional piece of art made possible by the Kickstarter donors who funded this project, surpassing our original goal. We feel so full of love and support from this amazing community who made it all possible.

The video was shot on the breathtaking Oregon Coast, in Pacific City, OR and Gold Beach, OR (at the old hatchery where that fateful trip took place). The visual effects and animation were created by Michael Miller, the vfx/animator of NBC’s Grimm. The 3D projection mapping and lighting design were created by Michael Bowles of MEBWorks. We are so proud of the incredible team that came together to bring “Lucid Dream” to life. We hope that in some way, our art will play a part in the cultural shifts we wish to see.




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