InTerraTree Compilation Album & Producer Contest (Teaser Alert: Exclusive Track from Icaro)

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LostinSound’s Nick Joyce is launching the InTerraTree Compilation Album & Producer Contest through Drums For Development, his organization to develop self-reliant and globally connected communities through the universal language of drumming.

(If this sounds familiar, that’s because we featured a piece on this organization in March. Nick successfully raised funds to send his friend Sego to get a Permaculture Design Certificate and wants to thank anyone who shared his story then.)

InTerraTree will be a locally-owned ecovillage and education center in Togo, West Africa creating a thriving model for sustainable community development through cross-cultural creativity and collaboration.

The Vision

To remember that we are all united through the power of creative expression and that we gain new sources of inspiration when we come together to collaboratively create.

The Mission

Create a compilation album of modern electronic soundscapes inspired by traditional African music recorded by Centre Des Hommes, the soon-to-be full-time local residents of InTerraTree in Togo, West Africa.

IcaroMumukshuFutextureBiomigrantSoulacybinbioLuMigenErothyme, and Numatik are already busy crafting their tracks for the InTerraTree Compilation Album and now you have the opportunity to join them!

Producer Contest Details

Win an opportunity to be featured on the InTerraTree Compilation Album with artists mentioned above as well as a chance to perform at the InTerraTree Album Release Party (TBD 2014).

By contributing your creative power towards the building of InTerraTree, you will join the InTerraTree Tribe and gain access to exciting opportunities both ontheground at InTerraTree in West Africa (we’re currently planning a Producers Trip to InTerraTree to record a collaborative album in-person with the musicians at Centre Des Hommes), and also in forthcoming creative collaborations with our African friends.

Entry Details

  1. Share the ‘Announcing InTerraTree’ post pinned at the top of the Drums For Development Facebook Page (for extra kudos, set your banner to match ours)
  2. Submit a screenshot of the post shared on your wall (and the banner) to with ‘InTerraTree Producer Contest’ in the subject line. You will be sent a link to the recordings from Centre Des Hommes
  3. Listen to the recordings and either:
    1. Create a remix sampling one of the tracks -or-
    2. Create an exclusive track inspired by the recordings
  4. Submit one (1) “.wav” or “.aiff” to by February 8th

Choosing the Winner

We will select our Top 5 (Remixes are preferred!) and open a week-long public voting period, beginning February 10th. The track with the most votes will be the Winner and will receive the benefits mentioned above.

Our initial selection of the Top 5 will be based on the following:
Use of Samples: This album is about cross-cultural collaboration. Allow us to clearly hear the influence of the stems.
Originality: We want to see how much have these stems have inspired your creativity and how far you can take it.
Overall Quality: Show us your production skills and why you deserve to be at the forefront of cross-cultural collaboration.

Not a Producer?

No problem! You can still help make InTerraTree a reality by contributing your energy in one of these ways:

  1. “Like” Drums For Development and InTerraTree on Facebook
  2. Pre-purchase the InTerraTree Compilation Album through our “Root the Tree” Campaign (or choose one of the other awesome rewards)
  3. Share InTerraTree’s “Root the Tree” camapaign with you network 

Thank you for being, thank you for your creativity, and thank you for your contribution!

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