PERICLES – Ancient Desert Mix – LiS Exclusive

Crank up the volume for this Lost in Sound exclusive mix from the Charleston, SC producer PERICLES. Heavy hitting from the start and full of dance party energy, this mix is for the arm swinging two-steppers. PERICLES intertwines squishy, futuristic dubstep and crunk with outer space vibes and a touch of gangster status bedouin life. The concoction leads me to believe the samples were recorded in the midst of a gun fight on the planet Tatooine.

Bump the mix and download it for free while you’re at it, it’s a straight up banger!

PERICLES – Ancient Desert Mix



1. Nefertiti (forthcoming on Abstract Logic Recordings)

2. Echoes of Ghosts (forthcoming on Vermin Street)

3. Slink Step (unreleased)

4. Sonny Do- Womp (unreleased)

5. Neptune (forthcoming on ALR)

6. Shaniqua (forthcoming on Vermin Street)

7. Slimey Gutters (forthcoming on Vermin Street)

8. Sand Lurch (released on Waveform Modulations)

9. Southern Playa (unreleased)

10. Portal Hopping (forthcoming on Vermin Street)

11. Bugs (unreleased)


The Ancient Desert Mix features a good deal of material from PERICLES’ forthcoming EP on the Boston-based label Vermin Street, set to drop in less than a week on Tuesday, June 19th! The EP will be available on Beatport, Addictech, and iTunes to name a few, and includes remixes by Freddy Todd, Charlie P, Brad BiTT, and a collaboration with Rillo G.

Be sure to check out the EP, all of PERICLES’ other releases, and upcoming show dates by following the links below:


PERICLES Soundcloud


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