New Release: DJ Snipaz – Sado EP


Get Ready to Wobble...

SADO EP Preview Showreel




This release exemplifies what I consider DUBSTEP to the core.  Minimalistic arrangements, simple punchy percussion on the one’s and three’s, reggae vocal samples used sparingly and the occasional laser riff.  Let’s not forget the focus of the whole dish… a wholloping wobble of a bassline that carries one through these dirty tunes as if you are forced to endure each one start to finish on max dB’s, despite the blood dripping from your ears. Cop this fire release from BEATPORT and piss off your neighbors NOW.

Since DJ Snipaz (Leeds native and mastermind behind BassClash Records) is on top of his shit and a truly benevolent individual, it is highly advisable to follow this link for free BassClash releases. Over 20 tracks… FREE.  Keep in touch with his facebook and be on the lookout for his upcoming US tour this fall.

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