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"Happy & Sad would like to formally invite you to go back in time to slay dragons and deflower beautiful princesses. We will provide thee with tunes along the way. SAFETY IS NOT GUARANTEED" <3 Win.Rawr

How to Find the Female G-spot

We am Win.Rawr…We do it for the lulz ♥

We love filthy tunes and delicious snacks
This is our reward and it is forever in our memory banks
May the lulz be with you, always
♥ Win.Rawr

The constant evolution of electronic music can be mind-numbing at times. With the seemingly endless and ever growing lists of crossover genres and fusions, it’s hard to stay on top of what’s what, and I find myself especially wary of any label that boasts the element of “step.” Dubstep’s explosion on the scene has left a wake of often irritating and sloppily produced music that is called some kind of step because there is a wobbling bassline (try typing “Dubstep” and “Remix” into YouTube and see how many actual good songs there are). Having said that, I will say that these two remix based clowns from San Diego, Win.Rawr, have figured out a worthy use of the word in their current endeavor:  House-step.

Blending the up-beat dancey rythms of electro-house with the bass heavy synths of Dubstep, this duo is rather new to the scene, however were quick to catch my ear when I stumbled across their remix of Dada’s “let’s get bleeped tonight,” which is available for DL here.  This track especially grabbed me, as it seems to be made for a DJ’s blends, and I included in my recent KRFH Boo Fest mix. (DL it HERE)  Their Ableton Live mixes change up tempos and mix between genres to keep the dance floor moving and guessing what’s next. Happy and Sad, who’s current goal is to play in Europe, say they plan on evolving and progressing their sound as far as they can, and want to start mixing other genres of electronic music into their sets.

All the elements of what I think makes good electronic music meld nicely with these guys, and I can’t wait to see how they rock a dance floor. When that happens, one thing is for sure, no one will utter “Bro-Step” at one of their shows, as the chicas will be able to get down and beyond to these electro-fied wompy riddims.  One thing is for sure about their mixes prerogative: they keeps it moooovvviiinn…

All in all… Bump This Shit, Explore New Music, and USE YOUR HEAD: Doctor’s Orders…

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