H.U.V.A. Network Live From Glastonbury

H.U.V.A. Network is the combined efforts of  ambient music gurus Solar Fields (Magnus Birgersson of Sweden) and Aes Dana (Vincent Villuis of France). Their recent release Live From Glastonbury Festival 2005 is one of my favorite chillout albums of the year. It revisits an epic late-night performance at one of the world’s great music events. Incorporating live bass and guitar with trance production and masterful atmospheric effects, the pair put their best into this mix, making for a flavorful yet mellow ride. Their strengths complement each other- Magnus brings the crisp, carefully timed melodies and signature glow that surrounds his compositions and gives them a dramatic and otherworldly feel. Vincent specializes in the trance beats and more uptempo stuff, getting things moving a little from the spaced-out stylings of Solar Fields, a favorite project as well.

Here are a couple of cuts from the album that capture the diversity and spirit of the project. Grab the whole album here, its perfect for sunrise.

Access To The Long Fields (Live Version)

Rain Geometries (Live Version)

Their 2009 release Ephemeris is great too, and it seems more collaborations are in the works. Ultimae Records is quickly becoming one of the most trusted names in ambient music, which I like when it isn’t cliche and doesn’t put me to sleep. This stuff has a bit of an edge to it and the live instrumentation is something that makes it stand out… they should really focus on that.

Above is the Glade Stage at Glastonbury where this was recorded- many an incredible set has gone down there.  It gave birth to the Glade Festival which became one of the best dance music festivals in the world, known for a non-corporate, underground vibe attracting top European electronic acts. Happy news from the other side of the pond.

The much-loved Glade Dance Festival, canceled in 2010 due to licensing issues, will be back better than ever at a new (secret) location on June 10-12.

Festival organizer Anselm Guise had this to say: “We are thrilled to be able to say that the Glade will be back in 2011. The festival is being revolutionised yet stripped back to its shiny grass roots… half the capacity that it was in the last few years and getting back to its original spirit but with a big step forward creatively, musically and artistically. We’ve been dying to let everyone know that it is definitely here again and with everything that’s happened we’ve had to ensure that we’ve got something to excite, that we can make happen and that will be a true celebration of life, music and art. We now can. Half the battle was finding the right home for the festival and we really have. We’ve found a belter…proper English parkland where we can do our thing…trees everywhere! The Glade is back…!”

Tickets will go on sale on January 25, 2011. Join the mailing list for more info at: Gladefestival.com

Let’s hope we can get more of these European artists to come play here.




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