The Orb ft. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – FACT Mixes & Music Videos

Better late than never, I couldn’t help but to share these mixes with everyone. Ambient house pioneers The Orb teamed up with the legendary Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry for a recent album entitled The Observer in the Star House and fortunately for us, FACT Magazine released 2 mixes for us all to enjoy, free to download at that. Rude bwoy riddims and lush electronic textures from end to end, these mixes, as well as the album The Orb & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry released together, are musical experiences that are hard to classify, but thoroughly enjoyable throughout. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, be sure to check out the music videos below…

The Orb ft. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – FACT Mix 341


The Orb ft. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – FACT Mix 341 (PART 2)


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