Lunacy Festival 2012 Preview: A Full Moon Halloween

The incredible production team behind Lucidity Festival, one of our favorites this summer due to its pure intention and tightly curated space, is giving us tricks and treats this Halloween with an event that promises to be just as conscious, creative, and more wickedly fun than ever before. Featuring many of the greatest West Coast sound gurus, including Random Rab, Vibesquad, An-Ten-Nae, EOTO, NastyNasty, Delhi 2 Dublin, Andreilien (formerly Heyoka), ill-esha, Russ Liquid, Stephan Jacobs, Akara, Thriftworks, Kaminanda, MiHKAL, and Kitty-D, the unique value in Lunacy Music & Arts Festival actually lies in the equal attention given to music, as well as art and interactive experiences.

Lunacy‘s gallery art is where it‘s at, offering an immersive experience you’ll get lost in for hours on end. This is truly sacred work on display, and the transmissions you receive just by witnessing are incredibly powerful. Artists such as John Benko, Luke Holden, Ascensional, Mugwort Artemisia, Ursula Young, David Pricco, Abhishek Thati, and Dan Hamp will be contributing their brilliance to curate a most inspiring space. Then there is the plethora of live artists; such as Tony Koehl, Micah Young, Robyn Reyna, and Hans Valor, who will be adding another dimension of immersive experience to the stages. Performance artists such as the Fairy Hoopers and the Wandering Marionettes will tantalize and delight with their theatrics and mindblowing movement. It wouldn’t be a West Coast festival without the installation art – massive, stunning pieces such as the Peace Wall, representing a catalyst for the cycle of peace; Kaleidoscopes Ultimate Reflections, an interactive display of handmade stained glass kaleidoscopes; glow in the dark ping pong, and Turnstyles – rotational paintings utilizing the Universal Zero painting technique, which has been proven to shift peoples’ brainwaves into predominantly theta and delta states (entering a relaxed, meditative dream state while still awake).

In addition to the top-notch music and art, a variety of workshops will facilitate your growing fullness of expression. Connecting to the Earth Meditation, West African Drum and Dance, An Open Exploration of Words and Their Ability to Shape the World, Lucid Dreaming, Flower Essences & Elixirs, Juggling, Fan Spinning, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Temple Dance, Yin Yoga & The Power of Surrender are just a few of the downloads that will be offered for your enlightenment.

Live Oak Campground is an ideal venue for any festival, especially one so consciously created, with incredible attention to detail – and, we’ll experience the music through some of the very best sound systems in the world. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and this is my first opportunity to celebrate at a festival – where the environment of encouragement, community, and surrender allows our inner worlds to be magnificently expressed. Halloween is the time when the veil is lifted and we let our characters truly shine – imagine that in a festival environment, with some of the freshest music, art, and performance in the world, celebrating with fantastic costumes, characters, and magic!

Come celebrate your lunacy during a rare, potent, full moon Halloween festival, brought to you by one of the most fantastic production teams on the Best Coast. You’re in for a treat… BUY TICKETS HERE


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