Living Light – ‘Ecliptic Visions’ Review

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livinglightcover2When I was finished listening to Ecliptic Visions by Living Light, a.k.a. Spirit Goddess Eartha Harris, for a brief moment – I had only one of life’s questions left to ponder:

Why would anyone have to seek a mystical experience under the influence of psychotropics or need to practice metaphysical arts like astral travel… when they could just listen to this album?

From the inticing harmonies of “First Light,” all the way to the masterful melodies of “Last Morning,” it was as though Shakti herself had stopped by during her ascension to lift me into more heavenly realms. Here are a few of the tracks which resonated most deeply during this epic auditory journey.

“War of Consciousness” has spoken word which points to the subtle and often indirectly overlooked struggles in everyday life. The human condition – that with which we make what we can (and mostly what we choose) based upon what we know at any given stage of growth. I found it compelling for this truth to be spelled out so simply.

“Shift” reveals what we all can benefit from – just that; a gaze that points toward the “living light” which surrounds us all and that Eartha’s project is likely named after – a mindful turning of thoughts toward a more open heart.

In “Temple Tantrum” there is a relentless, incessant bass line that will continue to guide me through periods of disturbance in my own war of consciousness. And then there was “Time Space Identity.” I cannot be sure how the samples of what could only be auditory hallucinations were captured for use in this track, presenting some of the more twisted treatments I have heard in a long time. The nearly omnipresent dreamy pads unfolding throughout the entire album made me wanna’ turn knobs on a Yamaha CS-80, which has been overlooked in my own arsenal lately.

I strongly suggest that you buy this record at your earliest convenience, it’s a keeper… and remains on a repeat playlist in my car’s iPod.

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