The MadMauritian – Without Walls Mix (Lost in Sound Exclusive) – FREE D/L

The MadMauritian, a.k.a. Chris Narainen of Blue Boy Productions, has laid out an hour of proper drum & bass tracks for your enjoyment with master selektah Da Prez, from in-your-face rude boy heavy to introspectively liquid and melodic, featuring the vocals of Lily C intermittently sewn throughout. Pick up a FREE DOWNLOAD on our SoundCloud page and don’t forget to catch The MadMauritian in Boston TONIGHT and New Haven, CT on Friday, December 13th, more info below…

The MadMaurtian & Lily C (Da Prez) Without Walls Mix 2013

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Track list:
Move Way – DBridge & Skeptical
Static – Skeptical
Relapse – Lung (Lily C)
Start again – Calibre feat Chimpo
Sphere – Skeptical
Buzzin – Dub Phizix & Skeptical
Dream Police – Skeptical
Pressure – Defo
Cops – Atmos T (Lily C)
Fluctuate – Skeptical, Mc Focus
Burning Edges – DBR UK
Sparse Rythm – Locksem
Ancients – Loxy, Isotone (Lily C)
Black panther – DBR UK
The Cleaner VIP – Hybris
Marka – Dub Phizix, Skeptical ft. Strategy
Strangers – Kiat & Morphy
Romcom – Tokyo Prose (Lily C)
Rags – Dub Phizix, Skeptical
Outline – Mercy & Hollow Crooks
Summertime – Basek (Lily C)
Playing Games – Alix Perez ft. D.Ablo
Headtop – Enei ft. Chimpo
Run it like The President – Dub Phizix, Skeptical ft. T Man


You can see The MadMauritian live TONIGHT at Music Ecology at Wonder Bar in Allston, MA ft. Ezra of The Chroma Concept [More Info] & Friday, December 13th at Afterlife in New Haven, CT with AK1200 [More Info]


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