IntuiSean’s Picks: Favorite Albums of 2011

In alphabetical order, click on the name or album art for link to download…


AbakusBeyond the Fields – The crispest, most emotionally diverse release by Abakus to date.

Arpetrio – Barcodes – Their fresh take on livetronica is a must-hear.

BluetechRainforest Reverberation – Littered with remixes of bass culture’s elite, this is downtempo glitch-hop at its finest with an underlying message of awareness.

ElectrocadoThe Hass Effect – Mr. Bill’s side project with Ryanosaurus, psytronce with a touch of avocado.

GovindaUniversal On Switch – Producer Shane Madden experiments with more whomp on this release, while still sticking to his gypsy roots.

GramatikBeatz & Pieces Vol. 1 – Gramatik’s first release on Pretty Lights Music is a bit edgier than his soulful hip-hop of the past.

The Human ExperienceHarmonic Transformation – This project of David Block’s will take you on an unexplainable musical journey around the world.

Ian StewartDubonomics – Steering away from house music, Ian Stewart dabbles in dub and executes it with irie precision.

KaminandaYear of the Golden Tiger – Distinctfully more energetic than his previous release, Kaminanda delves into more contemporary electronic sounds.

Nadis WarriorsAllele Frequencies – Currently playing on repeat in my spaceship.

OttMir – Need I say more, the master of dub is at it again.

PhutureprimitiveKinetik – This release is more phuture, less primitive.

PrimusGreen Naugahyde – Primus sucks.

RadioheadThe King of Limbs – Radiohead’s shortest album to date was recorded using turntable sampling techniques.

Signal PathSouls Unswayed – Hard hitting and soulful, these OG’s are still doing it as well as anyone.

SkytreeCrystal Consciousness – A beat production visionary emerging far beyond today’s monotonous dubstep.

SupersillyusTesselations – This album is a true example of how attention to detail and the incorporation of children’s instruments pays off.

Thievery CorporationCulture of Fear – Taking a political stance with their well crafted dub music, this album is perfect for a lazy summer spliff or an occupy movement.

Thunderball12 Mile High – The most musically diverse album I’ve heard this year, Thunderball’s take on funk n’ bass is my favorite.

Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris ThileThe Goat Rodeo Sessions – Touches on bluegrass, classical, Irish and American folk (to name a few), I’ll let the musicianship do the talking on this one.


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