Higher Nebulae (Ecclectricity & Slyborg Podcasts)


Higher Nebulae is LostinSound’s favorite deejay, Charlie Brick. Brick has been honing his soulful skills into an ability to play for hours on end, without the crowd getting restless. His mixes are a refreshing take on Tech/Deep House. He has recently become a part of NYC’s hottest new production group, Mr. Bugsly Presents. If you haven’t had a chance to get down to Charlie’s unique style, you better get a move on! Enjoiii!

Download/Stream two of Higher Nebulae most recent mixes right here:

Ecclectricity 2/18/10 (1:05:15)

Slyborg 11/10/09 (56:03)

Or Bookmark and Browse his Podcast Page:

Higher Nebulae Podcasts

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