Pitch Black


Pitch Black consists of award winning multimedia artist Michael Hodgson and Salmonella Dub producer Paddy Free.

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It’s their live show that really makes Pitch Black stand out from the rest of the crowd, both sonically and visually.

PItch Black – Sonic Colonic (Live)

PItch Black – The Gatherer (Live)

PItch Black Mega Mix (DJ Ti)


The Gatherer
Flex (Automattic Remix)
Fragile Ladders (Groove Yantra’s Eclectic, Psychedelic Dub)
Lost In Translation
Lost In Translation (International Observer Meets Horace Remix)
Rude Mechanicals (Mistrust Remix)
Rude Mechanicals
Rude Mechanicals (Misled Convoy Remix)
Speech (White Amplitude Mix by International Observer)
Big Trouble Upstairs (Max and Bluey Remix)
Reptile Room
Data Diviner
Altered State
Melt (Dub Obscura Mix)
Freefall (Doof Remix)
Freefall (Antix Remix)
Big Trouble Upstairs (Warp Technique Remix)
Freefall (ITHZ Remix)
Sonic Colonic (Patch’s Reconstruction mix)
Bird Soul (FunknSloCuts Remix)
Please Leave Quietly (Friends Electric remix)
Harmonia (Neon Stereo’s Lost in a Cave mix)
1000 Mile Drift (International Observer Remix)
Speech (Speechless Mix by Epsilon Blue)
South of the Line (Bluetech’s Electroid Excursion)
Harmonia (Deep Seed’s Beware of the Dubmonster mix)
Empty Spaces, Missing Units
Empty Spaces, Missing Units (Module Remix)
For The Love Of It (Salmonella Dub) – Pitchblack version
Bird Soul
Elements Turn (Switch and PZ remix)
Elements Turn
Bird Soul (Subtone Remix)
Please Leave Quietly (Johnny Hooves’s mix)
Melt (Mr Babbit Mix by A.K.C Design)
Unadrumma (Sunshine Sound System Remix)
The 48 Skanks (4 to 7 Odds on the Derby Mix)

Pitch Black Official Website

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