Pretty Lights- Making Up a Changing Mind EP (Part 1)


“Making Up A Changing Mind” is a collection of six tracks, produced in January and February of 2010. Stylistically I fuse hip-hop production with elements of electro & dubstep, and combine that with the organic timbres and raw feeling of old school soul & funk, to, hopefully channel a number of feelings that pertain to the concept of the EP… In more than one way, this EP is a reflection of the massive changes I’m going through in my life and recent decisions I’ve had to make regarding my relationships, my career, and my music. From the lyrics of the vocal samples, to the fusion of production styles, even to the model and timeframe in which this EP is being released… this album speaks to the importance of adapting in a changing and surprising world. All will change with time… the future none can see. In the reconciliation of seemingly opposing options (making up a changing mind) we can hope to find new perspectives and better ways to move forward.

~Derek Vincent Smith


Download your copy of Pretty Lights’ first of three freshhhh 2010 EP’s, Making Up a Changing Mind EP here:

Pretty Lights Downloads-Making Up a Changing Mind

Here are my two favorite tracks off this soulful and womptacular ride of an EP:

Making Up Your Changing Mind-“I Can See It In Your Face”

Making Up Your Changing Mind-“Total Fascination”

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