Agobi Project Droppp!

Get on board with Agobi Project, a new band out of Asheville bringing tight electronic beats and edgy guitar to the classic jamband formula.  Andrew Kirk plays a solid lead and is at his best when ripping minor chords into the dark side of the force. David Krantz is the Midi Controller/ Bass Synth/ Laptop Wiz, dropping beats and basslines that’ll pop your spine back in place. Nick Wankel bangs the E-Drums (SPD-S), and bends from rock to drum ‘n bass and dub styles.

Their material explores both the light and dark side of the musical spectrum, delving deep into the psyche of the modern road warrior and musician, struggling between joy and simplicity and tangled webs of passion and rage. Their live show weaves beats, riffs, effects and samples into complex grooves you’d never believe are being orchestrated by three people!

Agobi Project‘s compositions filter elements of jazz, ambient drum ‘n bass, hip-hop, atmospheric dubstep, and glitched-out IDM. They’re young and bursting with potential with a live show ready for bigger crowds.

Occasionally lapsing into jamband cliches and noodling around in happy lounge land, their best moments come shredding over leg-melting beats or using the guitar for funky, ambient background effects. They’ve held their own in the Southeast circuit and are sure to break out of it soon, so keep your eye on them in 2010!

Their self-titled debut album just came out and has the feel of an energetic live show. Here are a few choice cuts that move both the feet and mind:

Frozen Treats



Grab the rest for free download / donation at

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