ReturnTrip – Artist Spotlight + Mix Downloads

Born in Japan and living in Vancouver, BC, prolific DJ and producer ReturnTrip has developed a deep, refined style of electronica that incorporates dubstep, IDM and drum & bass beats with melodic instrument samples and moody atmospheres.

Dark, patient and at times cinematic, his mixes are great background beats and soundtracks for life. Made of small clips and parts of many sampled and original tracks, his sets are rich and dramatic, evoking emotions and eruptions of dance.

Uplifting and inspiring, then ominous and full of rage, his sets encompass the spectrum of emotions. Take the trip yourself!

Stream/Download and Submerge:

Primordial Emotion Vol 4


Recommence Phase 9


Circumambiance – Idiosyncrasies


This is just the tip of the iceberg, my favorite of the 20+ mixes he has for free download here:

Warning: Play these mixes loud on real speakers – this is sub woofer music, it will be all snares and lose powerful layers of bass on anything else. You can cause serious damage to the quality of your listening experience by not doing so!



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