Mouldy Soul ft. Eurythmy & Swingesthesia on GLITCH.FM

This is an instant classic. It should be released as a compilation album and people that don’t like electronic music should be forced to listen to it until they do. Its a two hour live mix from Mouldy Soul featuring a jazz guitarist, some hot promos from Bran Richards and Dephicit, never before heard material from Mr Swingesthesia and a chilled, glitchy guest mix from Eurythmy. The first hour is crunchy, funky and upbeat; the second more spacey, melodic and melancholy, especially when Eurythmy takes over.

Richard Carrigan has been making and spinning glitch hop as Mouldy Soul for years, but has flown under the radar of many American listeners. Recorded at radio March 14th, 2012, the show reminded me that British people do things just a little bit better on a technical level than we do. When they get the aesthetics right, watch out.

The beauty, brutality, variety and production value of this brand of electronic music inspires me. The jazz guitarist adds a great layer to the beats and the set becomes a showcase for a lot of brand new material from the UK glitch hop scene. It’s a highly entertaining and well put together mix from start to finish, and woke me up to the talent of these guys. Stream / Download:

GLITCH.FM #4 – Mouldy Soul ft. Eurythmy & Swingesthesia


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