EOTO: Better Than Your Average Set

EOTO made their way back to New Haven once again to trample Toad’s Place with their robotic-raging dance music.  The 100% improvisational band consists of String Cheese Incident members Michael Travis and Jason Hann.  With a variety of live instruments, programs, and gadgets, this duo brings the concept of the live show to a new level.  Their chemistry is unparalleled as they create genre-bending music on the spot that will force any music enthusiast to keep it moving.

I haven’t seen EOTO in about a year’s time and I was curious to see how their show has evolved since then.  Just as I expected, they’ve worked out the kinks and put on a seamless live performance.  Travis’ production was smooth and on point, while Jason was masterful on the drums as usual.  It seems as if they’ve perfected the sound of Jason’s vocals.  As it was once shaky and ranged in volume, I was pleased to hear vocals remain at a good pitch in relation to the rest of the music.  A breathtaking laser show accompanied the musical geniuses adding another dynamic to the already incomparable live show.

EOTO got things started in the electro-house department, warming up and feeling out the crowd.  As the show progressed so did their energy; I could see Michael feeding off  his audience for his next moves.  After their trademark set break, I was eager hear how their sound would change and what next boundaries they’d bend.



When Michael hit the long, dark heavy synths I felt the dubstep peak its head.  After we were hit with some bass and more masterful looping, EOTO started to bust out some remixes. Jason’s lyrics pleasantly surprised the crowd as his version of “Rollout” by Ludacris blended with their improved sound.

As multi-colored lasers shot every which way we heard other old pop wonders like “No Scrubs” by TLC and “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie.  Jason capped things off with an impressive jam on the electronic Congo drum.  He slipped once, but got the crowd to clap him back into rhythm and gave us all some love!


Download EOTO’s live set from Toad’s Place HERE

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Michael and Jason are good friends of LostInSound so be sure to check back for an exclusive podcast!

-Satellite Man


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