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DDD LIS 2015 templateWe are honored to announce the first release in our new “DEEP DUB DOWNLOAD SERIES.” We will be releasing FREE singles monthly, hand selected by our very own DigitalVagabond. Now that the dust has settled and the magnifying glass of hype has moved on, “DUBSTEP” is experiencing somewhat of a metamorphosis. Without getting too far into sub-genres and labeling things this or that, we aim to feature what we feel are some of the best and brightest up and coming deep bass producers.

With his first release reaching back to 2008, The Widdler has become something of a household name in the “dubstep” community. Skrillex being the Kleenex, used over and over and over again, whereas The Widdler is like that creepy groaning radiator in the basement that keeps the whole damn house warm. Ironically enough, The Widdler’s new EP Spacetime is due to release on OWSLA, lil’ Skrilly’s label. This ladies and gentleman is pure poetry. People can hate on Skrillex all they want, but it’s times like these that prove that monolithic pop projects like Skrillex serve a purpose. Sonny says it himself in interviews that Skrillex is a vehicle for their many projects. Modern producers of obscure music need to get into their heads that Skrillex is the best thing to happen to them.

We had the rare honor of  interviewing the Sensi Samurai himself, Yoni Oron, a.k.a. “The Widdler.” He gives us insight into his production process, live performance, why he’s been in seclusion, and what he’s got in the works. If you are unfamiliar with his influential sound, we highly recommend plugging into the largest and highest quality sound in your star system and enjoy this exclusive LiS release…

[LiS] We’ve noticed a period of seclusion for The Widdler project. What were your reasons for this time away from music and was there anything specific that brought you back?

[The Widdler] Seasons change and then return. Too much of the same can be blinding. [ Insert famous quote ]. I needed a break from the roll, not that anybody was pressuring me, it was my own pressure. I never stopped making music, but I did stop pushing things to be done as and by The Widdler. I didn’t put a name on it nor did I really release anything, I was simply making music for the enjoyment of it all. I didn’t get the spark to start recharging The Widdler until I moved to Austin from NJ. I met my girlfriend and best friend while finding peace of mind in a space of new surroundings. There is lot’s of new inspiration to be had, and I’m excited about pushing my music out again. Chase the dream!

Many, myself included, consider you to be one of the few remaining beating hearts of “True American Dubstep.” What has enabled you to stay true to that Widdler sound we all love?

It’s what happens when I let my musical cognition run free. I dont like to restrict myself in terms of sound or style, so that I don’t get stuck in a loop of trying to get “that formula” down. Another way is by using Reason I think. Logic is at my disposal and I do use it from time to time, but the instruments/synths/samplers/mixers/etc. from Reason are my bread and butter.

What were the driving intentions behind the album Origins?

Many things. A few prominent intentions stand out. To create an album of many genres and soundscapes blending together to make a sonic adventure of sorts. To point out places, ideas, and things that have shaped my life. To prove to myself as a producer (with only singles being released) that I was capable of stringing together a somewhat coherent album and releasing it. Lastly would probably be the intention of letting other people listen to the sounds I create.
widdler 3 bwIndica or sativa concentrates and why?

Whatever you got man, I’ll take two. Here in Austin where we don’t yet have legal means of getting THC, so anything that’s available is more than fine by me. Seriously though. Any kind is the good kind.

What do you do to prepare for a long production session?

Mentally I want inspiration beforehand. Sometimes that comes from a movie or game, and sometimes it can be from taking a break and simply listening to all types of music. Physically, I get some sugary snacks like dry cereal, a lot of water, sometimes a cola, and have my oil rig near by. Sometimes I even have a movie or something visual playing on a second monitor on mute. It keeps me stimulated when I start to feel a little bland.

What DAW do you use?

Reason 7 now. Started on 3.

Favorite free VST?

Bram Smartelectronix – Supatrigga

You recently started broadcasting your production sessions. How has this evolved your production process?

It hasn’t yet. I have mostly been showing the inner workings of some of my projects but have yet to sit and do meaningful amounts of production. The reason being is timing. Sometimes it’s hard to be inspired after setting everything up and feeling on the spot. I do however have high hopes for this type of stream. It has lots of potential to help EDM producers link up and share techniques.

What would your dream American bass centric festival lineup be, and where would it be located?

It would be located in my backyard for some friends and I (no sweaty crowds for me, thanks). Eskmo would headline on the patio stage with Antiserum, Matty G, DJG, and OSC to open.

What does your live performance setup consist of?

Over the years my set up has gone through many changes for many reasons. I started with Traktor and a BCD3000 controller for my live radio shows on For my first few live shows, I used Traktor scratch or Serato. Everything was usually great, but after too many instances of poor venue set ups, needle bounce, table shake, and the like, it was just too much to worry about while trying to get down on a mix. I switched back to using a controller simply because it was faster to set up and had less chances of being interrupted by technicals. I eventually found some nice ways to use the lack of time changing CD’s/vinyl and/or BPM matching to do things like live sampling, live loop building, and having a better control over bits of time. It’s a controversial topic amongst “DJ’s,” but I’m a producer. I play live so you can hear my music in a proper speaker setting and to hear the order in which I choose to present them.

Widdler 1 b2

You’ve got a forthcoming EP due to release here soon. Anything else going on?

Yes, the artwork just came in and it looks great! I’m really excited for this opportunity. As for a full album, I am working on a follow up to Origin. The idea has been in the works for a few months and takes time, so I can’t say when it will be done. Playing off the idea of Origin, it is a short concept album of man, space, time, and consciousness.

Where can we find it? Who will be releasing it and why?

The where and when I don’t quite have answers to yet. The “who” would be OWSLA as one of their “Feature Nest” EP’s. The “why” would be because I sent a bunch of dubs to my friend Ben at Circle Talent Agency who forwarded them to OWSLA for a listen. They enjoyed, I supplied.

Your sound would really do well at some specific music festivals. Any reason you haven’t explored those routes?

I haven’t gotten invited =[ I reaaaaaaallly wanted to play Outlook this year.

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